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Labor & Employment

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“I always feel confident going to them with questions.  If it’s a matter that may go to litigation, I always go with them.  If it’s a technical expertise matter, I also go to them.  Or even if I just want to know that I’m thinking correctly on something.  They’re proactive in how to deal with matters at an early stage to avoid further problems.  I value their expertise.”

— Chambers USA America's Leading Lawyers for Business

E-mails from three of the managers you supervise have just hit your inbox.  One advises that a longtime employee on a performance improvement plan wants to talk “options.”  Another reports three new union grievances, and requests help preparing for arbitration.  The third says that the new sales staff seems great, but needs HR to do some training, and asks whether the employee handbook needs updating.  In the morning snail mail, you find a newly filed discrimination charge from the local EEOC office, as well as what appears to be a summons or subpoena in another matter.  You aren’t sure where to stack these, because your desk is covered with materials for the RIF you’re organizing.

Feel like a typical day at the office?  We can help.
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Wyatt’s Labor and Employment Team understands the daily demands managers and supervisors face.  Whether you are a Human Resources Director for a large company, a CEO for a small start-up serving as your own HR manager, or supervising employees in any other capacity, effectively managing people is the key to your organization’s success.

Wyatt’s Labor and Employment lawyers have experience in resolving all manner of employment difficulties: hiring and firing decisions; labor relations; employee training; compliance issues; and suits filed by current and former employees.  Below are examples of the employment matters with which we regularly help our clients.