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Wild Turkey

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Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Bourbon is very much in vogue. With new cache even among New York sophisticates, bourbon has come into its own, with small-batch, single-barrel and specialty bourbons designed to reach the young and the trendy. To meet this rising demand, Kentucky distillers have invested some $150 million to boost production – the biggest expansion since Prohibition. And, like so many boom stories, the bourbon explosion is accompanied by squabbles over branding, packaging and other intellectual property issues.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed is no exception. The distiller recently spent $50 million to expand its facility in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and was involved in a legal wrangle with another distiller over its “Give ‘em the bird” ad slogan.  Wyatt served as counsel and successfully negotiated Wild Turkey's use of the slogan for future marketing campaigns.