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Semmes-Murphey Neurologic & Spine Institute

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Semmes-Murphey Neurologic & Spine Institute

The complex intricacies of the human brain, spinal cord and nerve network are the expert domain of the Semmes-Murphey Neurologic & Spine Institute in Memphis,
which marks its centennial anniversary in 2012.

Semmes-Murphey’s well-regarded team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuropsychologists, physiatrists, anesthesiologists and interventional neuroradiologists work on illnesses or injuries ranging from migraine headaches and sleep disorders to spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. In August, a Semmes-Murphey team assisted in the remarkable and successful separation of infant twins, joined at the pelvis and lower spine, at a pediatric hospital in Memphis.

Recognized by referring physicians both nationally and globally, Semmes-Murphey continues to lead in the development of improved neurological technologies and procedures, and freely shares its knowledge through hands-on teaching of medical personnel in Memphis and around the world.

Wyatt assists Semmes-Murphey on all of is corporate, regulatory and contracting matters.