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Client Stories


Conceived as the sportsman’s ultimate dream machine, the Hydratrek® amphibious vehicle traverses land, water, sand, mud, marsh and swamp – and transitions between them with ease.

Following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf oil spill and massive Mississippi River flooding in Memphis, this remarkable amphibious vehicle proved to be just short of miraculous for search and rescue missions and coastal clean-up activities. What’s more, the rubber track system and the light weight of the Hydratrek® vehicle significantly reduce environmental impact – the vehicle does not uproot vegetation – making it ideal for pipeline construction, surveying, wildfire suppression and the like. The Hydratrek® vehicle is also perfectly adapted for utility infrastructure work, oil sands mining, and other mining-related projects.

Able to trek up and down steep inclines, through heavy mud, woodlands, water and natural  disaster zones, the Tennessee-made Hydratrek® amphibious vehicle is now being used in 17 states, Australia, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

Wyatt assists Hydratrek® with obtaining protection for its intellectual property, including securing multiple patents protecting Hydratrek’s revolutionary vehicle and drive system.