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Earthwell Energy Management

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Earthwell Energy Management

Boost energy and cut costs at the same time? That’s a true power play – one that
Earthwell Energy Management runs again and again.

The Louisville-based energy services company works with public and private enterprises to create high-performing, energy-efficient buildings that are more comfortable to work in and cost less to operate. In one project alone – the 27-story Capital Plaza state office building in Frankfort – Earthwell’s work resulted in annual savings of $164,000.

Lighting retrofits, solar electric and water heating, back-up generators, water conservation, systems upgrades – whatever the task, Earthwell designs, purchases, installs, services and guarantees it all. In fact, if a completed job doesn’t deliver the estimated savings, Earthwell pays the difference.

Wyatt attorneys have helped Earthwell with regulatory and corporate matters, including working with local officials to eliminate zoning barriers to on-site energy generation and setting up innovative transactions to allow for public-private energy partnerships.